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PAMM account

PAMM account

    What is a PAMM account?

    Possibility of obtaining benefits with the help of experienced operators without having to operate on their own!

    The PAMM account service allows investors to generate Forex income without operating personally and to the operators, to obtain additional income through the successful management of investors' funds.

    To invest funds, simply select a PAMM account or a PAMM portfolio (a compilation of several PAMM accounts), with the help of our account classification. You can also create your own PAMM portfolio with our portfolio builder.

    Why choose PAMM accounts from Pais Capital Group?

    The PAMM service is a unique service developed by Pais Capital Group, which has gained worldwide popularity. We are the creators of the PAMM accounts.

    If you still do not have enough knowledge to operate in the Forex market, or if you do not have the necessary time to do so, choose a PAMM account or a ready-to-use PAMM portfolio and invest your funds. Your potential benefit is unlimited and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

    How do PAMM accounts work?

    The PAMM account service of Pais Capital Group allows investors to obtain income without having to personally operate in Forex; and to the managers, receive benefits for efficiently managing the funds of their investors.

    Basic principle of operation of a PAMM account

  • The manager (also called manager) opens a PAMM account and places a certain amount of its initial capital as "manager's capital". This amount is not removable (it constitutes an additional incentive to motivate the manager's commitment and his responsibility in the management of funds). Next, the manager creates a proposal, where it establishes its conditions and terms for investors. This includes the percentage of profits that correspond to you for the successful operations you make with the funds of the investors.
  • Investors seek, through the PAMM Account Classification, the account in which they would like to invest. 
  • The manager begins to operate in the account, using both his personal capital and the funds of his investors. The profits and losses of the account are divided between the manager and the investors, based on their participation in the account. 

    How do PAMM accounts work?

  1. The manager opens a PAMM account, begins to operate and prepares its proposal for investors.
  2. Investors choose a manager in the PAMM Account Classification and invest money in their account.
  3. The manager continues the activity in his PAMM account using both his personal capital and the funds of his investors. The better the results of the manager's trading, the better will be his position in the ranking.
  4. If the manager obtains profits, the amount of the funds in the PAMM account increases and the benefit is distributed between him and the investors according to the amount of the initial investments of each one.
  5. Investors transfer to the manager a percentage of their earnings as remuneration for their work. The amount of the remuneration is indicated by the manager in his proposal and depends on the amount of funds invested. Most typical questions:

    How much do managers and investors receive at the end of each trading interval before remuneration is paid?

    Since the PAMM account made a 200% return, the manager earns 200% on their initial deposit; i.e. 600 USD. The investor gets 200% of 200 USD; i.e. 400 USD.

  • How are profits and losses distributed on PAMM accounts?

All profits and losses are strictly distributed in direct proportion to the amount of funds invested. In the above example, the manager's share is 60% (300 USD), and the investor's is 40% (200 USD), giving a total account balance of 500 USD.

  • How much do investors pay the manager in remuneration?

The investor pays the manager 20% of their 400 USD profit, which is 80 USD.

  • How will the manager's and investor's accounts look after all calculations are made?

After the results of the trading interval and the remuneration payout have been calculated, the investor's account will have the following balance: 200 + 400 − 80 = 520 USD. The manager's balance will be: 300 + 600 + 80 = 980 USD.