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How to buy bitcoin

 How to buy bitcoin

    Easy and quick guide:

  • You register in one of the pages that we recommend.
  • Verify your account and deposit money with Paypal.
  • Bitcoin shopping fast and safely

    If you believe as much as we do that Bitcoin is going to be the currency of the future because of the infinite possibilities to which it opens the door. Follow this simple guide.

    1. Register in an Exchange

    The best option to buy Bitcoins quickly, easily and safely is buysmartbits a famous market that operates internationally offering a cryptocurrency service. In addition to Bitcoin you can also invest in other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc. For many years, Evolution price of Bitcoinlas cryptocurrencies are some of the most profitable investments due to the potential and the entry of new investors day after day, but also one of the most volatile.

    2. Verify the account and enter money
    Once registered buysmartbits, you must complete the basic data to verify and be able to leave the operational account to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Once verified, we can proceed to make a deposit.

    3. Buy and sell Bitcoins

    Now it is just the simplest, buy our first Bitcoin on the platform. Here you can go directly. It is the specific place where you buy Bitcoin, if you want to buy Ethereum for example, you should go to this page. And many others that you can buy.

    Still, just as you can earn a lot of money, you have to be careful as you can also get lost. We must try to detect the future movements of a market and thus make profitable and successful investments in the short and long term. My recommendation if you want to start buying alternative currencies is to register in Binance, it is one of the markets that is growing the most.

    To track the price, we recommend where you can follow in real time the purchases and sales that are made in the different platforms where Bitcoin is sold. For more advanced users, we recommend BitcoinWisdom.

    Between individuals

    To use an exchange market it is often necessary to send a bank transfer and offer some type of verification of your identity. If this is not an option, you can always look for other individuals who want to buy and sell bitcoins. This is a less ideal process since it is not automated and requires finding a seller with an acceptable reputation. However, for many people this is an acceptable solution if they want to exchange bitcoins for cash, for small amounts or in countries with severe capital restrictions (Argentina and Venezuela are an example of countries with restrictions).