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About Pais Capital Group

    What security do I have when trading with Pais Capital Group?

    Pais Capital Group works with many local banks. You can view a complete list of banks within your account area and choose whichever one is best-suited for you.

    When was Pais Capital Marketing LTD founded?

    Pais Capital Marketing LTD was founded in 2011 by a group of professional traders, investment managers and software engineers. It is a company regulated by the commercial and economic bodies of the European Union (EU) H2053 with the license n.789398.

    How does Pais Capital Group determine its pricing structure?

    Pais Capital Group works closely with major banks and financial institutions operating in the forex industry. By working with several leading banks, Pais Capital Group is able to obtain the best Bid and Ask price on behalf of clients. Working with top-tiered banks allows Pais Capital Group to offer the most liquid, accurate, cost-effective and secure solutions for our customers.

    What type of trading accounts does Pais Capital Group offer?

    Pais Capital Group offers 4 types of trading accounts: Classic, Standard, Premium and Tailored. To learn more about account types, please visit the Account types page.

We have a great team of professional specialists

The best of our team

Joaquin Morales


    I have a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets with a graduation thesis in “Valuation of technology companies in the US stock market” and 5yr experience on US stock market.


    I invest in companies that are more likely to react Positively (going LONG) or Negatively (going SHORT) during the earnings announcements.

    I choose the companies on which to invest based on a model that I created that allows to analyze a multitude of parameters related to thousands of companies and put them in relation to thousands of reactions to earnings announcements.

Alicia Villasmil

    Mega positive support assistant always ready to help you make the right choice and charm you with a smile.

John Ludewig

    Wholesale manager. Contact him if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

Esteban Villacis

    The youngest and most promising broker of the company, achieves and persists its objectives and its work with professionalism and dedications.